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Semen Collection & Freezing

If you have a valuable male, the best possible insurance you can buy is to have a significant number of semen straws frozen and stored in a nitrogen tank. It is also a great way to profit from your elite male without the need of selling him. We offer “on-farm” semen collection and freezing services on our mobile Lab and we can also store the semen for you if that is your preference. We are also qualified and experienced in collection of semen for submission for sex-sorting.  

Laparoscopic Insemination

In your facilities or in our specially designed trailer, we’ll inseminate your females using the most advanced heat synchronization protocols and offer you an experience that is second to none as we have conducted Lap AI in tens of thousands of heads in the last 20 years. In addition, our trained eye will tell you when and how many ways you can split the straws to maximize your return on semen investment.

Embryo Collection

This is the best way to reproduce exponentially the elite females in your herd. We will assist you with your donor selection and preparation to maximize the chances of a successful embryo flushing, we’ll provide you with best protocols to synchronize and select your recipients for best pregnancy outcome and will freeze any excess of embryos for later transfer or marketing and generation of additional revenues for you.

Donor & Recipient Selection
Herd Health
Veterinary Services/Consultation

Our services are not limited to assisted reproduction. We are a group of highly educated veterinarians and we are available to our clients all year round to help them with other matters including herd health programs, veterinary emergencies, etc.

Mobile Hospital/Laboratory
Personalized Client Attention

If your facilities are not ready to host assisted reproduction work, don’t worry about it, we bring the operating room and the lab to you in our mobile unit fully adapted to host semen collection and freezing, Lap AI, and embryo collection, freezing  and transfer work.

We are fully committed to respond to our clients calls always within 24h, when possible within a few hours which should be most of the times except during high season. We will be available to you over the phone, email and text/WhatsApp at your preference.

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